Lingo and Info to Assist Your Reading

The Game
The name of the prostitution business for those invovled
The Track
The streets in Waikiki which are known by all pimps, working girls, customers and law enforcement in which girls spend hours a night walking as they search for work.  Map coming soon. Please note that these are the busiest streets of Honolulu’s tourist world
LE means law enforcement
Date when a girl meets a Guy for money
John the name given to men who use sex services
Monger John’s who have a hobby in seeing working girls.  They are just as lost in The Game as the rest of us.  They see all the girls and know most of them by their real names.  Mongers truely feed the business
BP acronym for  the website where girls find dates online instead of using The Track
Escort, Working Girl, Call Girl are all names for prostitutes that are a little more gentle
Review a literal online review of the working girls looks, behaviors, sexual services and many other things.  Typically found on or
Forums online forums for mongers to discuss girls they have seen, rates and experiances
P or P.I. are terms used for pimps
Bottom Bitch a pimps favorite girl.  She might be the most loyal or the one who makes the most money.  She may assist in recruiting new girls and grooming them
Grooming the work that it put into turning someone into a prostitute
Trick a term that can be used to describe a date, a john, or a working girl depending on context of it’s use
Incall when a working girl provides the place for a date to happen
Outcall when the man is expected to provide the place for a date to happen
A.M.P. acronym for Asian massage parlour.  Places in Hawaii used as fronts for prostitution
Speaking Greek a term used for when a date wants to know if you provide anal services

These are the basics.  I will update this later with the full acronym dictionary.  Yes, this world has a dictionary all it’s own.

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