Do You Need Help?


When you think you’re in too far over your head, you are…and you have been the whole time. Just when you think you will never get out and you will die wrapped up in The Game, that’s when you know you have officially had enough. And when you have had enough, there is help. You don’t even have to get wrapped up with the police either if you don’t want to, there are people and places that will help you get home without the assist of the police. And below are some of those places. And also, just to set the record straight to Working Girls, the police do not poison your food either (I’m just sayin’)

For help on Hawaii
PASS or Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery

For National Help

Human Trafficking

If you are not ready to contact one of these organizations than you may want to run to one of your local churches. But of you don’t trust them either I will be here too. Send me an email and I will help, even if you just need an understanding ear. No one knows this world better than me. Asking for help can be tough, more tough than you can already imagine but no one is going to ask for help for you.


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