About Me


My name is Bree.  I am 22 years old.  I got caught up in “The Game”, or prostitution, when I was 14 years old.  I was saved via a police sting operation at age 22.  I have been beaten, stabbed, drugged, and sold not just to customers but between pimps for 8 years.  And I have had enough.  This blog is my way of taking a stand.  Although my pimp remains at large I trust that they will get him soon, and until then I am in hiding.  Patiently awaiting the day that I can step outside without fear.  I hope to go to college and find a way that I can help other girls escape The Game.  Humans are not meant to be sold.  And I am going to do my part in putting an end to it.  This blog does not go in order, it is not very well organized.  It’s just random thoughts, stories and updates as I come across them, so please bare with me.  If you think this business is not a problem, know that I am someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, I am the girl sitting behind you in class.  It could be you…don’t think you are above this business, because anyone can be a target.  Help me take a stand.  Together we can abolish HUMAN SLAVERY

The photo of me that you see at the top is the exact photo of me that was posted on backpage.com, minus the text and cute little stickers and border.  It was the photo used to sell me to a countless number of men.  Using that exact photo I was sold as a Persian girl.  I am not Persian nor do I have Persian roots.  But in this Game, race is everything and many people would call or text to BUY the only Persian girl on backpage here in Hawaii.  I figured that exact photo would be the perfect one to post here.

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