You Aren’t His Girlfriend…HE’S A PIMP

I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog as much as I would like.  Due to some confusion regarding my old phone, it was taken from me so I have to wait until I have computer access to update but whatever.

Everyone seems to think that it would be pretty easy to just not be a part of The Game anymore.  To just stop having sex for money and life would be fine, but I am here to assure you that it is not that simple.  I have been out of The Game for exactly three weeks today and putting the police (who are up my ass for information), the safe house and counseling aside…my pimp has yet to be arrested.  The police know exactly where he is, they know what car he drives.  This man literally cannot make a move without HPD knowing about it YET HE IS STILL AT LARGE.  They are trying to find a minor that he is pimping out to reunite her with her family.  Which is great, but meanwhile I am stuck up in this house fearing every step I take outside into public.  The worst part is there is this girl…we will call her Alayna.

Alayna came here to Hawaii from Asia on a work visa.  She has been around my pimp for six months thinking that she is his girlfriend.  He is actually just grooming her to turn her into a prostitute like that rest of us.

She is a naive girl…doesn’t talk much or speak good english.  She doesn’t understand why there are so many girls around her “boyfriend” all the time.  She cries a lot and hates cigarette smoke.  We got her to smoke weed for the first time…which she hates.  And she did ecstasy for the first time with my ex-pimp…which she loves.  My pimp has always complained that he can’t ever have a normal relationship.  Hmmm…who would have guessed.  He has married two of his ex-prostitutes and has children with both of them and divorced them both as well.

Before my sting operation my pimp and I were talking and he was talking about marrying Alayna just so she can get permanent entry into the United States.  I figured he was talking months down the road.  At this point I was still under his control and even though I did not like the idea, I dismissed it.

Fast forward to yesterday…  I got a call from my brother to get on Facebook.  Even though I have not been on Facebook since the whole police sting/safe house shit, I logged on.  And Alayna announced her engagement to my pimp and they are getting married in Vegas this week!!

EDC is going on…and for those of you who don’t know, that is a massive rave held in Vegas every year.  We all had plans to go.  I would have been in on the Vegas trip as well if I didn’t get saved.  They leave tomorrow.

The police may catch him at the airport.  But they may wait for him to get back from Vegas.  I know how badly they want to find this minor.  But if Alayna marries him it will go all bad and fast.  She will either get turned out immediately or when he does get arrested her VISA to the United States will be in question and she may not be able to return.  I am praying that even though Alayna is not a minor that her situtation will be severe enough for law enforcement to intervene before the marriage.  I would like to shake her down myself and tell her she is making a mistake and to not do it….but I am not compromising my safety for hers.  This situation is causing me major distress.  When I first got turned out I was convinced that my first pimp was my boyfriend.  I was much younger than her, but it doesn’t matter.  Watching this happen to her is like watching what happened to me all over again.

I don’t want to see this innocent girl get thrown into the nasty world of Sex for Hire.  What is wrong with people these days?  He is a pimp…You are not his girlfriend…you’re a game.  This is THE GAME.


1 thought on “You Aren’t His Girlfriend…HE’S A PIMP

  1. Can who ever wrote this contact me?? I think my sister has been his most recent ” girlfriend”! My sister still believes that he is her boyfriend and he’s only pimpin the other girls! I know he’s preparing her!! Please contact me!!

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