Welcome Back To Normal Life Bree and Sierra

My advocate picked me and Sierra up today.  Sierra is another girl that has been saved from The Game.  Lucky for her she has only been in since January.  Her pimp has been arrested and remains in jail.  I envy here a little.  I am not that lucky.  They have yet to arrest him.  So needless to say I don’t get out much.  My days are spent just chilling in a safe house hoping this man gets arrested.  I had a dream the other day he was arrested.  I was happy and sad at the same time.  I hate not being able to go out.  It’s lonely.  It’s not that I can’t go out, because I can.  But there is a lot of very dangerous people who want me dead so going out is not in best interest.  When I do get out, it’s usually to church or when HPD picks me up wanting information on my case…or others.  They figured out that I know everything..I don’t even want to know this stuff.  I just want to go home to my family.  I am only 22 and I never asked for any of this.  I want to go home…
But anyway, my advocate picked us up today and we went to the beach.  As we arrived she jokingly looks at us and says “welcome to the normal life ladies.”  And she was right.  It was a joke but she cant even understand how little I know about the real world.  It was the best day I have had in a long time.  The water was warm and the beach was beautiful.  There wasn’t a million people there like usual.  After that we went to get shave ice…famous here in Hawaii.  We talked about our cases and what it’s like to be stuck in the Game.  We talked about high school days and when we were kids.  It was positive.
A random wave soaked all of our towels and the damn birds ate what was left of our chips.  It was the most normal and innocent I have felt in a long time.  I guess I really don’t know what normal people usually do.  To be honest I do not even know how to cook.  It was almost disheartening to return to the safe house.  They say I am not in jail but I am…on the inside.  When we were leaving the beach a creepy old guy tried talking to me…I was very nervous.  But I try to remind myself he doesn’t understand.  It was kind of nice to get a taste of the “normal” life.  And I think I want more of it.  Someday my life will be more than this.  Someday I will be able to walk outside and go to the grocery store like everyone else.  I won’t have to wear a hoody in the middle of Hawaii summer and sunglasses will just be because it’s too bright and not a means to hide my face.  Someday the normal life will be forever and not just a few hours.  Someday I will look myself in the mirror and say “Welcome to the normal life, Bree”. And it will mean everything to me.



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