Who Is At Risk For Slavery?

You might ask who is at risk for becoming a sex slave.  The answer?  Everyone.  If you read my blog posts about before I was in The Game than you know that I was a normal kid from a good home.  Normal parents.  Friends.  I went to school.  I was a cheerleader.
Runaways and children that have sex abuse at home are of much higher risk than most to get caught up in prostitution but the truth is there is no profile.  They can come from any background, and social and economic standing.  They are the girls you see everyday. A trafficking victim is far from ordinary. The complexities of the systematic abuse survivors of sex-trafficking and prostitution endure often surpass the disorders associated with survivors of other types of sexual abuse or domestic violence. For child survivors, this is even more so.

Still these abuses must be told so that the often degraded and socially disdained position of the prostituted person can be understood for what it truly is: the state of an extremely victimized human being.

Oftentimes, victims will be less than cooperative with people trying to help them. There is a reason for this kind of behavior. Those assigned to help trafficking survivors, whether they be from social service, faith communities, or law enforcement, must be apprised to the common victim profile of the survivors of human trafficking and handle survivors in an astute, patient, and constructive way that benefits both the victim and any existing criminal case targeting those responsible for the crimes against the victim.



In my next blog I will be sharing how I met my pimp and the discusting grooming process and how the brainwash magic works.


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