My Life Before The Sex Trade Part Two

Mililani was beautiful, calm and a pretty laid back community.  But for the second half of the summer my younger brother and I we’re miserable.  We didn’t know anyone in the area and our stuff didn’t arrive at our new house right off so we didn’t have much for entertainment.  It was the first summer of my life I couldn’t wait for school to begin.  The last two weeks were spent shopping for new cloths and counting days on the calendar.
The first week of school is a blur.  The classes were very far behind what I was used to and the school was much bigger.  Relief came that Friday when my brother, who is much less shy than I, was invited to a small party and I tagged along.  I dressed up in a sexy teal tank top and short ass white shorts.  My hair and make up looked awesome but I was careful not to look overdone.  I was very nervous and prayed for these people to like me.  I needed them to like me.
We met Derick, Jess and Dylan at an elementary school close to our house.  When my brother introduced us, we instantly clicked.  I recognized Jess as a girl from one of my classes and I didn’t realize it yet but she would quickly become my best friend.
As we walked to District Park I smoked a cigarette and listened to everyone give us the 411 on Mililani High School social scene.  I had started smoking cigarettes to combat my stress of freshman year and I hoped the people I was with didn’t care.  I was put at ease when Jess lit a cigarette too.  When we got to the park the drinking started and Jess started passing around a bowl of weed.  Weed wasn’t my thing and I was nervous buy I wasn’t in a position to pass up friends and it wasn’t like it was the first time I smoked so I joined in.

The next Monday I met my new friends at the town center across the street from the school.  That’s where the party crowd all hung out to smoke weed and cigarettes and socialize before class started.  I was introduced to a ton of people and became popular fast.  Over the next month or so Jess and I became very close.  We got invited to parties every night.  Every girl wanted to be my friend…except the jealous ones.  And I had the attention of almost every guy I had come into contact with.  The whole prior school year was a distant memory and things started really working out.
I was finally at a place where I didn’t need a man.  I wasn’t about to let another boy get into my head.  Knowing I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one was enough for me.  During those months of hanging with Jess I had a few one night flings but was careful not to get a slut title.
Jess’s birthday was approaching fast and everyone expected a bomb ass party from the two of us and we were ready to deliver.  We got someone to buy alcohol for us and we spent over three hundred bucks for that Friday night.  For obvious reasons I don’t really remember that night but I wish I did because that is the last normal part of my teenage years I would ever have.


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